Mobile Friendly

All sites designed with siteChisel become mobile friendly, or "Responsive," automatically.  This is the single most useful feature we provide and requires no extra steps.

Easy SEO

SEO is how major search engines match a user search to your site.  Our Easy SEO ensures that your users can find you the first time, every time.

Social Media Integration

Social media is a critical force in today's internet marketing, and we have it built right in.  It's a bi-directional advantage for both you and your consumers/users.

Use Your Domain

Your domain name is your address.  Easily point your domain to your siteChisel site with our Domain Mapping tool.

Assisted Setup

Not being able to ask for help is like buying furniture with no assembly instructions.  We're here for you!

Content Writers, & Graphic Artists

These people are ready to help when you need to fill your website with delicious content.  They'll help you with your images, blogs, and page content.

Automatic Site Maps

Our system builds your site maps to keep the major search engines up to date on your content.

Blogs Galore

Get out there and blog something!  The blogs are unlimited here, so blog away you blogging fools!

Email Newsletters

Mailing list integration with popular email providers like MailChimp and Constant Contact.

Embed Google Maps

Maps help people find their way, and with our embedded Google Maps feature, your customers can find your event, or your office locations.

Event Management

Create events, send out invitations, and track your responses through this neat little tool.  Attendees can use social media to respond to the invites, and even pay for tickets.

Forms and More Forms

Forms are great tools used to acquire information about your customer base, or to simply create a client list with names and phone numbers.

Fundraising Tool

Host your own charitable, crowd funding, or fundraising campaign,  and collect your donations directly through your site with our built-in tools.

Live Chat

Directly interact with your current or potential customers right on your site!  Customers love to ask quick questions, and live chat lets them get quick answers.

Site Password Protection

Not everything is for the public eye.  Password protect specific pages to protect information from prying eyes, or just stuff you don't want to share.

Web Developer Access

We built ours with decades of knowledge, and we'll help you build yours wherever you are!

Members Only

Provide your customers with an area that only they can see.  Login and password required areas give customers a sense of protection, so protect them with this feature.

Industry Specific Themes

Your industry theme is the base that you build your site from.  You wouldn't use a landscaping theme to build a restaurant site, and we wouldn't want you to.


Useful inside of our Member's Only feature, this lets you and your users post things for sale, or services offered, just like in the newspaper.


An openly editable page of content that is populated by you and your users.  It's a team effort for a topic, with moderator control of course.


This feature will allow customers to find answers without needing to contact you.  It's your quick reference for common questions.


Just like a Wiki, but users add comments instead of page content.  It's just a great place to have a discussion on a topic, like a Wiki!

Site Backups

Backs up your site so you don't have to worry.  No one likes doing the same thing twice, so we've included backups to prevent that.

Spam Protection

We're setup to protect you from the barrage of spam from all sides of the globe.  No one likes spam, so leave it to us to handle it for you.

Appointment Scheduling

Integrated calendar system for appointment scheduling and tracking, just like the calendar on your phone or tablet!

Video Tutorials

Your first step in building your site.  Watch a few videos, get comfortable, then get to building your site!


Using Google Analytics, you can track everything your customers do on your site, right down to where they click and hang out the most.

Unlimited Pages

Pages and pages and more pages.  There's no limit on pages, so add as many as you need!

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